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The CannaBS Detector

Have you ever thought about quitting your day job to pursue getting a slice of the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry pie? Are you currently investing in, or considering investing in the cannabis industry? If you answered yes to either of those questions, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS PODCAST.

Join the cannabis industry's very own veteran BS detector, Kristen Yoder, as she uncovers and dissects the various scams and pitfalls most, if not all, people will encounter along their cannabis journey, through entertaining and informational interviews with experts across the industry.

“The best decisions are informed decisions, and in an industry as new and hyped up in the media as the Cannabis industry is, there are many opportunities for BS to occur, and it is occurring on a major scale."

Aug 3, 2021

This episode of the CannaBS Detector is going to rock the boat a little bit, so you better strap in. Our hosts draw some striking parallels between the big tobacco playbook and the current issues surrounding (or about to surround) the cannabis industry. 

This episode starts off with a bombshell… Cannabis can be harmful. Yes, you read that right. Cannabis can be addictive, cannabis hyperemesis syndrome is real, and more. Our hosts dig in on this, and how the lack of acceptance by cannabis marketing of this fact is setting us up for failure in the long run. Before you get out the pitchforks and torches, yes our hosts are pro-cannabis, but they are also realists in terms of how we should be positioning ourselves as an industry. Key Point here:  Cannabis companies need to be more proactive rather than reactive. The old adage “an ounce of prevention rather than a pound of cure” seems quite applicable here. 

Another hot topic for discussion is the idea of “trash to cash” and the going nickname on the streets for vape cartridges, hotdog water. These sorts of products really harken to the era of negligent advertising from the tobacco industry. Other interesting takes are dosage limits on edibles and potential issues from dabbing massive amounts of concentrates can also be found in this piece of the episode. 

Finally, our hosts get into the hottest topic in cannabis: Delta-8 THC. Let’s just cut to the chase on this one: Delta-8 belongs in the regulated market. Plain and simple. That doesn’t make someone a prohibitionist, it doesn’t mean it should be banned, it just means it deserves to be done in a better and more controlled way for the benefit of consumers.  

Other topics covered in this episode include flavored vape cartridges (and whether plant-based terpenes count as flavoring), why lawyers need to remember their duty, and a few other things you might be surprised to hear our hosts talk about. 

4 Key Take-Aways: 

  • Cannabis does have a potential for harm, and if we don’t start accepting that we are in for a world of hurt
  • Proactive approaches are always better than reactive ones, and cannabis is currently playing defense
  • Trash to Cash is a known phrase for a reason, and if you aren’t avoiding being that at all costs you won’t survive the future of the industry. 
  • Delta-8 and the other synthetic cannabinoids are here, and they seem to be causing a ton of confusion, anger, and disgust


Audio Editing - Seth Cross - Frontal Lobe Productions

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