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The CannaBS Detector

Have you ever thought about quitting your day job to pursue getting a slice of the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry pie? Are you currently investing in, or considering investing in the cannabis industry? If you answered yes to either of those questions, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS PODCAST.

Join the cannabis industry's very own veteran BS detector, Kristen Yoder, as she uncovers and dissects the various scams and pitfalls most, if not all, people will encounter along their cannabis journey, through entertaining and informational interviews with experts across the industry.

“The best decisions are informed decisions, and in an industry as new and hyped up in the media as the Cannabis industry is, there are many opportunities for BS to occur, and it is occurring on a major scale."

Apr 14, 2021

Today we’ll be rolling through the topics and facts that stoners try to sweep under the rug. From CHS to drug interactions to the compounds in your concentrates, why do stoners avoid these topics? No cannabis users want to talk badly about cannabis, especially with its historical stigma surrounding the plant. But whether you like it or not, there is more research needed on cannabis, and a good start is being honest about its risks and effects and how we discover them.

Emma Chasen, co-owner and operator of Eminent Consulting, a cannabis consulting business, comes in hot to break the Sativa/Indica binary and some popular myths in cannabis. Backed with years of experience and a degree in Medicinal Plant Research, Emma is passionate about educating others on cannabis. What people don’t know, does hurt them and as advocates, it’s our job to educate those around us. Knowing what is in your cannabis and how these compounds effect you is important, no matter who or where you’re buying from.

After listening, what experiences have you had with different kinds of cannabis? Have you or a friend/ family member ever experienced CHS? How do you feel about the Indica/Sativa binary? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Lessons Learned:

  1. RSO is the only concentrate with scientific evidence to backup its medicinal properties in high dosages.
  2. Cannabis and hemp are bio-accumulators, meaning that they are a plant that gradually absorbs substances that are in the ground they're growing in at a faster rate than the substance is lost or metabolized by the plant.
  3. Because cannabis is not federally legal, there are no set lab procedures in place for analytical testing of cannabis. When Oregon tested the variances of all their labs within the industry, they found a 10% variance across the board, showing the need for consistent regulations for testing in the cannabis industry.

List of Topics/subjects discussed:

  • The lack of scientific data backing Indica/ Sativa differences
  • The high variability of cannabis between users
  • Manipulative marketing within the cannabis industry
  • How to find the good companies to support
  • How the industry can better predict the effects and experiences of specific strains
  • Oklahoma and how their licensing will in turn effect their market
  • Craft cannabis and its future
  • Concentrates and it’s potency and legitimacy in the medical market
  • Personal experiences with concentrates
  • Additive terpenes and the effects
  • Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome
  • Esters: What are they? Where are they?
  • Epidiolex Trials
  • Lab testing in the cannabis industry and why it differs
  • Titration of dosing, macrodosing and their therapeutic value
  • Bad drug interactions with CBD and THC
  • How to buy cannabis the right way.

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Bio-accumulation: The gradual accumulation of substances, such as pesticides or other chemicals, in an organism. Bio-accumulation occurs when an organism absorbs a substance at a rate faster than that at which the substance is lost or eliminate.

Esters: Volatile flavor molecules/ a chemical compound derived from substitution reaction of a carboxylic acid and an alcohol.

Guest Bio and Social Media Links:

Emma Chasen has a mission to educate people on the science behind Cannabis so that they may take charge of their own healing.  After graduating from Brown University in 2014 with a degree in Medicinal Plant Research, Emma went on to coordinate Clinical Oncology trials with the Brown University Oncology Research Group. When her supervisor refused a Cannabis trial in favor of another expensive pharmaceutical drug, Emma quit and headed across the country to Portland, OR. She found her way to Farma, the popular Portland dispensary that takes a more scientific approach to Cannabis; rejecting the Indica/Sativa binary and instead focusing on chemotypes to determine effect. She began her career at Farma as a budtender and was quickly promoted to General Manager and eventually to Director of Education. In this role she was able to focus on educational efforts and create a robust training curriculum that focused on cannabis science, product knowledge and empathetic patient care. Emma now co-owns and operates Eminent Consulting, a cannabis consulting business that offers educational training and craft industry development for cannabis industry professionals and businesses. She helps brands develop educational marketing collateral and ongoing educational programs to further elevate their brand presence in a competitive industry. She also helps struggling and newly emerging cannabis businesses with business organization and sets them up for success in both the competitive medical and adult use markets. 

Emma was named Portland’s Best Budtender of 2016 and featured in Newsweek, MG Magazine, Forbes, High Times Magazine, The Centennial, The Oregon Leaf and Teen Vogue for her work with cannabis education. She is also a regular guest on many cannabis focused podcasts and has been featured on television for her ability to explain scientific concepts around cannabis in a way that is accessible and helpful to the general public.


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