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The CannaBS Detector

Have you ever thought about quitting your day job to pursue getting a slice of the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry pie? Are you currently investing in, or considering investing in the cannabis industry? If you answered yes to either of those questions, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS PODCAST.

Join the cannabis industry's very own veteran BS detector, Kristen Yoder, as she uncovers and dissects the various scams and pitfalls most, if not all, people will encounter along their cannabis journey, through entertaining and informational interviews with experts across the industry.

“The best decisions are informed decisions, and in an industry as new and hyped up in the media as the Cannabis industry is, there are many opportunities for BS to occur, and it is occurring on a major scale."

Jul 6, 2021

It’s episode 4 of Season 3 of the CannaBS Detector, and Kristen is really starting to hit her stride along with new Co-Host Brett Puffenbarger. In this episode, the dynamic duo starts digging in on recreational vs medical cannabis laws, how the markets play out, and more. 

Our hosts start off by addressing the oftentimes missed elephant in the room… “medical” cannabis. Brett breaks this down pretty deeply in the episode, but the cliff notes are simple: Medical implies a standardization and level of federal approval that cannabis currently doesn’t have, and is intrinsically against. Medicinal is a more appropriate term. You’ll have to tune in to get the rest of the details. 

The team then dives into the differences between med and rec states, as well as the effects recreational legalization has on existing medical markets. The outcome isn’t pretty for patients but is great for investments and profit margins. They take a deep dive into this and get into the specifics including medical use under the recreational banner, as well as pricing of products and tax rules regarding the differences. 

After breaking down how the markets react to the different versions of legal, Kristen and Brett get into some of the advocacy roots behind cannabis legalization, and even take a bit of a Devil’s Advocate stance on how the industry as it stands came to be (We did exactly what they said we would). 

4 Key Take-Aways: 

  • Medical is actually a misnomer, and “medical” cannabis should actually be called medicinal 
  • Most recreational shoppers are actually probably medical users, but the co-mingling of the markets muddies the waters
  • States with only medical cannabis are usually better for patients, and recreational legalization oftentimes destroys medical markets in their pursuit of profits and market share
  • Hot Take: We did exactly what the prohibitionists said we would and used medical as a Trojan Horse to get recreational cannabis passed


Audio Editing - Seth Cross - Frontal Lobe Productions

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